Non-Union Height: 5’1” Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Delenda Lead Dir. Ralph Moffettone
Calvary! Parade! Lead Dir. Gabriel Rodriguez-Fuller
There She Hung Lead Dir. Chi (Big Apple Film Festival)
White Lies Lead Dir. Oswald Barrios
Nothing to get Hung About Supporting Dir. Samer Yassa
Lover’s Game Principal Dir. Danielle Earle (Golden Door Fest)
Things We Do When We’re Alone Principal Dinosaur Hawk Films
Birth Day Principal Dir. Sonoko Ogata
Raven Pharaoh Principal Dir. Andre Douglas
TV / New Media
Split: The Web Series Series Regular Parallel Productions
Plan B: The Web Series Series Regular Timmyproductions
Wink: The Web Series Co-Star Metta World Kopas
Bud Light promo Principal VaynerMedia
Clearasil promo Principal Refinery29
Dramatics NYC promo Principal Dir. John Tashiro
A Spy for Peace Eyewitness/Reporter Channel Production Films
If It Weren’t for MDA Paramedic Dir. Jamie Lustberg
Call Center Hospital worker AFMDA
New York Theatre
The Record Ensemble The Public Theater (UTR Festival)
Yentl Yentl u/s (performed) Beautiful Soup Theater
Woolgatherers Scientist Asylos Theater (Frigid Festival)
Out of the Ash Fate Asylos Theater
Alcestis Daughter Ancient Drama Festival
The Twine Orpheus The Secret Theatre (Unfringed Fest)
Blithe Spirit Edith Rockaway Theatre Co.
  • The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York
    2 Year Conservatory Program
  • Upright Citizens Brigade: Improv – Brandon Gardner, Keisha Zollar, Jackie Jennings
  • Additional Acting Teachers: Sarah Baskin, Matt Newton, Rosie Benton
Special Skills
 *   Fluent  in  Hebrew   *  Dialects:  British,  Asian Indian,  Middle Eastern, Russian   *   Proficient  in  IPA   *    Singing    *    Stage  Combat  &  Fencing  (Basic)   *    Yoga    *   Modern  Dance  (Basic)   *  Military Service